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Image Viewer Help

Getting Started

Open images by selecting open from the main menu, right clicking in the app, or on the toolbar. You can also drag a folder or file to the app to open all of the images in the folder or enclosing folder if you selected a file.

App Permission

Image Viewer can open any folder that you select. But If you open a photo or image file outside of your pictures folder you have two choices to view all of the images in the same folder.

Set Permission - You can choose a folder, your home folder, or a disk drive to add read only permission. This location is saved and your won't be asked for permission again inside that folder or drive. If you are not sure we recommend choosing your hard drive or home folder.

Open Folder - You can open the files enclosing folder, granting temporary permission to that folder.

Single View

View images and navigate with keyboard arrow keys, toolbar buttons, or the main menu. Other keyboard commands are listed in the main menu. For example the keyboard command ⌘/ or the enter key toggles between single view and thumbnail view.

Right click menu - Some of the most commonly used menu items from the main menu and toolbar are included in the right click menu. For example rotate left and rotate right are only in the main menu.

Image Info Window

The image info window shows metadata for the current image.

Thumbnail View

View thumbnails and navigate with keyboard arrow keys, toolbar buttons, or the main menu. Pressing enter will open the selected image in single view mode. Double clicking a thumbnail will also open the image in single view mode.

Keyboard Shortcuts Window

The keyboard shortcuts window shows a list of helpful keyboard shortcuts. More keyboard shortcuts are available in the main menu.

Enter key - toggles between single view and thumbnail view.
Space bar - starts and stops slideshow while in full screen mode.

Make Default App

Make default app for images makes Image Viewer open supported image formats with a double click. You can select this help screen from the main menu.


Changing your preferences can really customize the app to your needs.


The preferences screens have settings for:

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Don't upsize images for viewing
Loop through on prev and next
Show file names for thumbnails
Search sub folders
Size window to first image
Size window to each image
Reverse scroll wheel advance
Launch app in Full Screen
Full Screen - Black background
Windowed - Black background

Fade during slideshow
Random order slideshow
Don't sleep during slideshow
Slideshow delay time

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